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The Xperia Z1: To buy or not to buy?

"What do you think of *this phone/tablet/device*?" That is a question that I have been asked a lot lately due to my obsession with the gadget world in general. Therefore I decided to follow my dream and start my own blog where I will review some of the gadgets I use in my daily life as well as discuss the latest and coolest gadgets and gizmos

I will start by discussing the pros and cons of the Xperia Z1. The latest flagship mobile by Sony in the Middle East.

What impressed me about the Z1 was the sleek design since I had the Samsung Galaxy S3 for more than 2 years, I hated its plastic cover which made it feel like a cheap device, and can be scratched easily but the Z1 has a scratch-resistant glass that adds a sense of elegance to it. Even though the Z1 itself is quite large (with a screen that is 5 inches long) , you can still hold the mobile in one hand since the mobile is light.  If you are familiar with Sony or android's original interface , then the Z1 would be easi…