Gmail on the verge of Receiving Anticipated New Features

The Verge revealed last week the new design of Gmail, as well as new features such as being able to snooze emails, quickly reply to emails and a new Confidential Mode. This mode will allow users to manage the privacy options of the emails they forward to others. For instance you may restrict other people's abilities to copy, download, or print the emails that you forward to them.

In addition, Google are adding more features for users and businesses that wish to have control over how their emails are being used by recipients, by giving them the ability to add a passcode to open emails which will be generated via SMS or set an expiration date on sent emails.

These additions are reportedly "coming soon" according to The Verge's sources, starting with an early access program. It's predicted that all these features will be discussed further and showcased on the 8th of May, in Google's I/O developer conference.

Simple steps to protect your Facebook data

Facebook has introduced new security settings, after the scrutiny they received from their users amid the scandal of Cambridge Analytica.  Their users are keen to know which third party apps have access to their private information and to what extent in order to make the appropriate changes accordingly and protect their privacy.

If you don't have the time or interest into going through all the settings of Facebook, there are a more user-friendly steps to follow.

1- Click on the question mark symbol in the top right corner of your Facebook page

2- Select Privacy Check-up
3- Go through easy-to-follow steps of your current settings. Once you have gone through this quick set-up, and you have more time to spare to ensure that your account is fully secured you can go through the following simple ways to adjust your privacy settings. A- Control who sees your posts: You can always customize this feature to each post separately, from statuses and employment updates, to check-ins and photos.…

Playstation games coming to Non-PlayStation platforms

PlayStation games coming to Non-PlayStation platforms
Over 20 years after the birth of PlayStation, gamers and non gamers alike can now enjoy a wide variety of PlayStation classics old and new by *renting them through PlayStation Now and playing them via streaming on the internet, without the need of owning a PlayStation console, "We can reach a broader audience of consumers who may not own a Playstation console." Masayasu Ito, Executive VP of Sony Computer Entertainment Last week Sony announced that they made a deal with Samsung to bring its service of streaming PlayStation videogames to Samsung Smart TV in 2015, making Samsung the first company outside Sony itself to obtain a license to use the PlayStation Now service. PlayStation Now was announced in CES 2014 and is still in its early days; the service still has room for improvement, and is only available in the United States and Canada. PlayStation Now offers wide variety of games, where users can play more than 200 titles…

Word and PowerPoint chat functionality

Microsoft announced recently that they are adding a chat functionality to their online versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint but did not mention anything yet about OneNote nor Excel. By adding this feature, Microsoft would be following in Google's footsteps in "the coming weeks", where Google offers the chat functionality as well on their Google Sheets which is their version of Excel . The addition that Microsoft added which gives it an edge over Google's version is a feature where the user can review his/her conversations via Microsoft's application at any time, even when the document is closed;  this is possible due to their use of Skype as the backbone.   

The Xperia Z1: To buy or not to buy?

"What do you think of *this phone/tablet/device*?" That is a question that I have been asked a lot lately due to my obsession with the gadget world in general. Therefore I decided to follow my dream and start my own blog where I will review some of the gadgets I use in my daily life as well as discuss the latest and coolest gadgets and gizmos

I will start by discussing the pros and cons of the Xperia Z1. The latest flagship mobile by Sony in the Middle East.

What impressed me about the Z1 was the sleek design since I had the Samsung Galaxy S3 for more than 2 years, I hated its plastic cover which made it feel like a cheap device, and can be scratched easily but the Z1 has a scratch-resistant glass that adds a sense of elegance to it. Even though the Z1 itself is quite large (with a screen that is 5 inches long) , you can still hold the mobile in one hand since the mobile is light.  If you are familiar with Sony or android's original interface , then the Z1 would be easi…